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Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Only available for delivery from 3/27/2023 to 4/10/2023.

Our fragrant Easter Lilies are perfect for your home or office and make thoughtful gifts to help friends and relatives enjoy the Easter holiday. Each Easter Lily is professionally potted in a ceramic container and accented by Easter decor. Order yours now while supplies last!

Easter Lily Plant - Lilium Longiflorum

  • Toxic To Cats - Will Cause Kidney Damage

    Light: Bright Indirect Sunlight.

    Temperature: Likes A Moderate Temp. Requires 8 Weeks Below 65 Deg To Bloom.

    Water: Soil Must Remain Moist. Water When The Top 1 Inch Of Soil Is Dry.

    Fertilizer: Feed New Bulbs With A Balanced Fertilizer But Don't Let The Fertilizer Touch The Bulbs Directly.