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Orchid Luxe

Orchid Luxe

Orchid Luxe

Only available for delivery from 5/08/2023 to 5/15/2023.
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Always elegant, the phalaenopsis orchid is the perfect low maintenance house plant. Orchids require minimal upkeep because they are epiphytic (air) plants. Air plants do not grow directly in soil and instead get their nutrients from their leaves and foliage pulling moisture from the air. Each orchid is professionally potted in a lovely ceramic pot and accented with a live tillandsia. Due to the unique nature of live plants, orchid colors and/or patterns may vary from photo.

Plant (as shown) is approx. 24"H x 12"W

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  • Water sparingly. Orchid roots need regular periods of drying alternated with light watering.

  • Orchids thrive in strong light, but not direct sunlight. They prefer humid environments above 50 and below 85 degrees F.

  • Cut all stems with faded blooms 1" away from main branch.

Height:24" x Width:12"